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Half a century of a brilliant family business.

Enoveneta fi rst begins in the 1960s as a small craftsmen’s company founded by Nedo Fiorin, a skilful and intuitive family man and hard worker with a background in oenological machines. With 50 years of intense research, development and production of machines and technological solutions for wine-making, the company has gained great entrepreneurial strength and has had a dynamic generational change that turned it into a leading international company. Now, the Fiorin Family, made up of Cristina, Daniela, Paolo and Renato, is professionally committed to the company in accordance with each family member’s specifi c skills and backgrounds; all of them manage a constantly evolving company that employs more than 80 specialized employees and invests continually in quality and innovation.

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Roots in the northeastern Italy with ramifi cations all over the world Born in the core of northeastern Italy, Enoveneta has soon developed itself all over the world, wherever there are thriving vines and a passion for the art of vinifi cation: from France to Brazil, from Russia to Germany up to Canada and to all European and non-European countries dedicated to oenology. A foreign trade policy that has been maintained with determination and energy for more than 30 years with participation in the most important international tradeshows in the sector and, above all, with the creation of corporate branches and a network of agents and distributors with local warehouses and assistance in place to satisfy the needs of their customers, wherever they are. The result is 70% of production that is devoted to foreign markets.




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