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Harvesting Trailer

Harvesting trailer with box made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304, with auger or vibrating chute for an optimum metering of the product at the outlet. It is suitable for both manually and mechanically picked grape. The harvesting trailer enables a quick and easy grape collection with considerable savings on labour.

Available in four versions:

• DIRECT DISCHARGE with dosing auger: the grape is discharged via a circular port with manual opening;

• WITH PUMP WITH ELLIPTICAL ROTOR: the grape is discharged via a volumetric pump driven by the auger shaft;

• WITH HYDRAULIC LIFTING with dosing auger: the product is discharged through a circular port with hydraulic opening. Maximum height 2,2 m;

• WITH VIBRATING DISCHARGE: the product is discharged by means of a vibrating chute. Maximum height 2,3 m.

Provided with homologated tyres, electrical system with lighting devices, height-adjustable drawbar and adjustable detachable positioning foot..


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